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CNG Dispensers – Fueling the Greens

Maximize your fueling options. Minimize your costs.

ANGI Energy Systems’ Encore CNG Dispenser makes it easy to bring Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to your fueling station. Its familiar Gilbarco Encore frame and door construction allows for a seamless installation with our trusted dispensers while preserving your site’s brand. Our CNG equipment communicates with your existing fuel management system or forecourt controller, minimizing impact to your site payment network and saving you the cost of a separate point of sale (POS) system.

What is CNG?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a pressurized fuel that offers an alternative to gasoline, diesel, and LPG (propane). CNG is popularly known as a green fuel because of its environment-friendly characteristics such as reduced tailpipe emissions. It is quickly becoming the most preferred alternative fuel around the world.

In line with Gilbarco’s commitment to offer its customers superior and future-ready equipment, this dispenser is an exceptional product that offers seamless integration with liquid fueling equipment. It is perfect for fueling CNG buses and fleet vehicles as well as commuter cars. Our re-designed Encore CNG dispenser along with ANGI Energy System’s compressors and valve panels will present customers with a green fueling option using proven, reliable equipment.


The Encore Series is well known in the fueling industry for its low-maintenance and high return-on-investment (ROI) opportunity. ANGI’s CNG dispensers have added the capability to dispense environment-friendly fuel, which is a great opportunity to grow your sales and associate your site with a green initiative.

Also, with our CNG equipment, your convenience store will benefit from the following:

  • Familiar user interface. Gilbarco’s E500 and E700 user interfaces allow convenience store owners the ability to manage more effectively with flexible options and additional capabilities. In order to provide flexibility, Encore CNG may be configured to different fueling strategies such as buffer or cascade filling when used with ANGI Energy System’s valve panels. With seamless CNG integration and ANGI’s reliable CNG dispensers, your convenience store will offer efficient fueling for your customers.
  • Fast, safe, and efficient fill. Atmospheric temperature affects the final fill pressure of vehicles; the Encore CNG’s control software allows for a safe, accurate, temperature compensated fill for every vehicle. Designs maximizing pipe sizes and full ported ball valves allow the Encore CNG dispenser to boast of the highest fueling flows in the industry, especially when coupled with ANGI’s class-leading compression systems. Additionally, gas and motion sensors inside the dispenser offer class-leading safety characteristics.
  • Connection Flexibility. Now you can have one dispenser for high and standard flow applications. By saving valuable real estate (and additional dispenser costs), your site will provide more options for customers to fill light-duty cars and heavy-duty vehicles from the same CNG dispenser.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI) with a CNG Dispenser

With CNG fueling equipment, your site’s ROI will be favorable with the following features:

  • Offering an alternative fuel product from your existing station
  • Attracting new types of customers that value environment-friendly options
  • Providing a comparative fueling window to conventional liquid fuels
  • Presenting an easy-to-use operator interface similar to existing products

Installation and Maintenance

Our CNG dispensers have the same foot print as the liquid fuel version of the Encore dispenser; therefore, it can be installed on readily available pit frames. Always follow the inspection and maintenance recommendations according to the documentation supplied with the equipment. Additional technical services are offered through ASC support; check with your local representative for availability.

The Encore Series is well established and respected in the industry and now offers the added capability of dispensing an environment-friendly fuel. This is an ideal way for you to associate your enterprise with a green initiative and maximize your branding and sales opportunities. All this comes to you with the unmatched durability and reliability you have come to expect from the industry leader in fueling equipment.

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