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It’s consistent with your brand image and familiar to your customers. The Encore DEF Dispenser leverages your existing interfaces to CRINDpayment and fleet card networks, alphanumeric keypad applications and loyalty programs that are supported by your existing point of sale system.
Yet, on the inside, its innovative design brings to bear all the best practices for dispensing DEF we’ve learned from Europe to provide you with the best opportunity build a new profit center and meet the needs of your customers. The Encore S DEF dispenser is designed specifically to prevent DEFdesigned optional hanging hardware. The Encore DEF dispenser’s hydraulics are stainless steel to protect against corrosion. And an innovative, Weights & Measures approved stainless steel mass flow meter measures DEF accurately and reliably. You get the industry’s premium DEF dispenser designed for our market, maximum uptime, and the lowest total cost of ownership.
Maximum Uptime and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Stainless steel, DEF–compatible hydraulics protect against corrosion
  • Thermostat–controlled heated cabinet and specially designed optional hanging hardware prevents DEF freezing and crystallization with minimal power consumption
  • Stainless steel mass flow meter measures DEF accurately and reliably
  • Proven Gilbarco CRIND electronics support your existing point of sale, payment and fleet card networks, loyalty programs and alphanumeric keypad applications
  • Compatible with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Intelligent Device Management system for performance monitoring
  • Supported by the industry’s largest and best network of Authorized Service Contractors
  • Superior durability, with a best–in–industry 4–year corrosion warranty, solid metal frame and sheathing with automotive-quality coatings, and a high quality PPU lens

Branding Consistency and Familiar Operation

  • Part of the Encore series for a consistent brand image on your fuel island
  • Familiar Encore features for intuitive operation
  • Superior usability, with a reliable, high speed 6” printer, angled hose outlet castings and freeze protected/heated nozzle boots

More Options

  • proven payment options including CRIND with monochrome screens, RFID contactless payment, and barcode readers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for fleet applications that require VIN or odometer entry

Easy Installation

  • No below–grade access required
  • Easy use with above–ground tanks

Familiar user interface

  • Intuitive for your customers to operate and streamlines pay at the pump for speedy transactions
  • Supports the same CRIND and alphanumeric keypad applications that you know from your other Encore dispensers
  • Works with your existing c-store POS systems

Mass flow meter

  • Accurately measures DEF, but has no moving parts that wear or stick
  • Measures mass directly and independently from viscosity and density changes
  • Unaffected by temperature, conductivity, and solid content. You enjoy maximum uptime and accuracy North American design
  • Provides consistent branding, intuitive operation, and superior image

Heated cabinet with automatic hose retraction and sliding nozzle cover

  • Keeps DEF from crystallizing or freezing
  • Thermostat controlled and insulated for maximum efficiency and uptime

ISO compatible components

  • Ensure DEF compatibility and prevent corrosion
  • Highly reliable for the long term