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Our fuel dispenser Security Suite helps retailers save a substantial amount of money otherwise lost from data and fuel theft. Here’s how:

  • Custom Locks.

Universal locks on your dispensers provide access to anyone with universal keys. Though your convenience items may be what brings in the main cash flow, your forecourt plays a significant role in attracting and retaining customers. Therefore, the fueling experience is just as important to protect as the services and items offered in the store. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has created the factory-installed Custom Lock option as the solution to prevent unauthorized access, damage to your dispensers and possibly your brand.
Gilbarco’s Custom Locks have a two-fold benefit to prevent tamper events. Gilbarco’s custom locks and keys are configured specifications you control. Additionally, thieves prefer easy targets. Just by having Custom Locks visible on your dispenser, thieves will tend to move on to the next potentially unprotected c-store. However, if the unlawful individual rises to the challenge, the effort will render unsuccessful as Gilbarco’s Custom Locks are anti-drill and made of hardened steel – resistant to corrosion and is proprietary to you. Protect your forecourt and deter crime by installing Gilbarco’s durable and protective Custom Locks solution.

  • Door Entry Detection (DED). 

If someone was trying to get into your dispensers, wouldn’t you like to know? When paired with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Insite360™ for Encore® dispensers, the Door Entry Detection System does that and more. Gilbarco installs the door sensors in strategically-placed areas so you can be alerted every time an unauthorized entry is attempted. This fierce combination gives you control and enables you to act immediately.
Without Insite360 Encore, having the Door Entry Detection Sensors is still a powerful tool to have on the forecourt. If anyone enters your dispensers without approval, Gilbarco’s sensors will disable your unit – stopping thieves immediately from proceeding with their crime. Furthermore, the sensors can be configured to alert the cashier of the tamper attempt.

  • Reinforced Lower Panel. 

The first line of prevention is to discourage thieves from choosing your c-store as a prime target for fuel theft. However, sometimes thieves still go for the challenge.
Gilbarco Veeder-Root has created the Reinforced Lower Panel designed to prevent unauthorized access – period. Its heavy-duty steel and scissor-type locking mechanism offer a true second line of prevention. Additionally, bolt cutters are useless against the puck locks. By making the Reinforced Lower Panel part of your security strategy, you will have increased physical protection.

  • Encrypted Pulser. 

As technology gets more sophisticated, so do thieves. Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Encrypted Pulser adds the ultimate protection so your fuel is accounted for and properly measured. With hardened enclosures, easy installation, and encrypted pulse counts, you will finally have a device that will protect your forecourt from any attempts at stealing your forecourt inventory.
Additionally, these are four security modes provide another layer of protection for your wet stock.

  • EMV™ Payment Security. 

The card brands are continuously updating their security requirements because card thieves  are always evolving their methods to steal card numbers and customer information.  It’s up to the retailer to protect their customer’s credit card information by ensuring the latest
in payment technology is installed in their forecourt with the Gilbarco FlexPayTM IV CRIND.   The FlexPay  IV CRIND is available factory installed on all new dispensers and as field  retrofit kit for all models of Encore.​
To view the full Gilbarco Security Suite brochure, click here.