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Control panels with inverter allow to regulate the motor´s movement according to the station demand, optimizing the compressor´s power consumption and can be remotely operated from the station according to the customer´s needs.

  • Soft starter system with By pass contactor
  • Safety system incorporated with emergengy stop push button
  • Thermo magnetic protection for 3 dispensers
  • Thermal protection for main and fan motor
  • Color touch screen panel
  • Zener safety barrier included
  • Prepared for meassure pressure and temperature measuring through analogical and digital signals
  • Mechanical door block
  • Louver for natural ventilation
  • Maximum power 160kW
Inter-stage measure of pressure and temperature through analogical signals Remote monitoring system


Control panel Inverter
Height 2.000 mm / 6′ 7″
Width 600 mm / 1′ 11″
Width 600 mm / 1′ 11″
Weight (Kg) 170 kg / 375 lb