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Aspro storage system is designed to be adaptable to the storage needs of each station because it consists in a set of cylinders assembled on a self-support skid guaranteeing the constant supplying of gas during the refilling.

  • Pressure detector
  • Manometer
  • Security valve
  • Over flow valve
  • Cylinder valve
  • Non return valve
  • Stainless steel high ressitance pipes
  • Priority valves
Double neck cylinder Cabinet
Drain system Knock down tank to separate liquids from drain system
Panel system Institutional design and colour
Actuated priority valve system Storage capacity according to customer requirements
Pressure transducer Outlet safety valve


STORAGE Dispensers
Height 2.115 mm / 6Т 11Ф
Width 1.154 mm / 3Т 9Ф
Length 1.154 mm / 3Т 9Ф
Weight (Kg) 1.700 kg / 3.747,8 lb