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Autogas BNA-300A and BNA-300HGA Series LPG Nozzles

The BNA-300A and BNA-300HGA nozzles with Thumb Release are designed for the Italian-Type coupling. Nozzle inlet has 1″ BSPP threads. Also available in brass models.


  • Body: aluminum
  • Internal Components: brass and steel
  • Seals: specially formulated polymers and elastomers specific to LPG applications. Aluminum and stainless steel

Features & Benefits

  • User-Friendly Single-Action Operation – entire fueling operation is initiated by simply engaging nozzle to the receptacle with a single squeeze of the hand.
    New Ergonomic Design – 2 resin shells insulate and protect the internal parts from falls and the operator from the effects of the low temperature generated by the high-flow LPG. Minimum effort is required to couple the nozzle and the ergonomic release button makes release easier. BNA- 300HGA comes with lever guard.
    Ease of Use – incorporates a single plane 360º inlet swivel.
    Low Vent Volume upon Disconnect: 1.6cc
    Replaceable Rubber Cover (optional) – deflects venting LP gas away from operator’s hand.
  • Nylon/Fiberglass Hand Insulator – protects operator from low temperature effects.
  • Individually Leak Tested and Inspected with Traceable Serial Numbers