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OPW OC123 3/4" Dispenser Shear Valve

The OPW OC123 3/4″ Dispenser Shear Valve is designed to shut off LPG flow in the event of an impact to the dispenser. The shear valve minimizes the damage to both the dispenser and refueling nozzle.


  • Body: plated steel and brass
  • Internal Components: brass and steel
  • Seals: specially formulated polymers and elastomers specific to LPG applications

Features & Benefits

  • Durable Construction – heavy-duty steel and brass construction provides excellent performance in the harsh fueling environment.
  • Increased Safety – helps to prevent damage to fueling facilities and equipment.
  • Ease of Use – connect one side directly to an anchored point of the supply piping (minimum 5000N of resistance in all directions) and the other side to an anchored inlet in the dispenser.
  • Poppet Configuration – utilizes a double poppet design where both sides close when breakaway separates.
  • Warning: Never connect the OC123 to hoses or loosely anchored piping. Doing so may prevent the proper shearing operation